How does RTT work?

How does RTT Work

I help my clients discover the root cause of their issue which is the key to resolving it.

Through a guided form of healing hypnosis, you are moved into a very deeply relaxed state, (self-healing state).

I am then able to guide you through your journey of self-discovery, reviewing events from your past that will enable you to understand the emotional pains/issues that you keep reliving.

Through this understanding you will be able to let go of the belief you have been holding on to.

Very specific positive suggestions are then relayed to your subconscious whilst in this receptive state allowing you to have phenomenal results.

This process allows you to let go of the challenges you have been experiencing, during part of your life. You feel whole you feel free.

The process of RTT elegantly inspires and facilitates healing transformation.

*In my RTT healing therapy sessions, you are completely relaxed, being aware of your situation at all times – making each session totally safe and relaxing.

This life changing therapy moves you towards ultimate well being, health happiness and joy.